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Riddick knew how to lay low. When he was an Elite Company Ranger assigned to Sigma galaxy, he had learned to stay perfectly still to stay alive. The native life- form on sigma 3, a large slimy creature his fellow Ranger's called 'spitfire' had motion sensor's instead of eye's.

Riddick's rookie job as a company Ranger was what they called a sleeper. He and two other's would clear 'spitfire's' from tunnel's that were about to be mined.

It didn't take Riddick much longer to learn that the company was running a crooked game everywhere it operated. Riddick was promoted to the Prestigious Strikeforce Academy on sigma 3's moon, where he learned all there was to know about killing. Then the company turned him loose to enforce security on sigma 3. Which was a polite term for slavery. When the murder and torture became too much for Riddick to stomach, he blew the whistle. But instead of reforming the system, Riddick was branded a criminal. The evidence he'd gathered disappeared and he was put in deep storage. However, Riddick had been well trained. Before the third year was out, Riddick was out. He overpowered a guard, took his uniform, and slipped free. Once outside, he shot two guard's and a pilot, and took off with the prison planet's only space freighter. The company promptly put a million credit contract on his head.

He became a cosmic outcast pursued by every bounty hunter and bushwhacker in the space lane's. And each ASSASSIN Riddick eliminated was added to his list of 'serial killing's'.

John's had been smarter. He blasted two children to get Riddick's attention, then threatened to execute two more unless Riddick surrender. There was much John's would answer for Riddick mused.

*Just thought since we were on the subject of Riddick everyone may be quite interested in this!*

(John's full name is Lawrence John's if ya wanta know)

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