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Pitch Black (book written by Frank Laurie):
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Fry's emotion's were still sodden with guilt. She tried to justify her decision to sacrifice the passenger's by reminding herself of the cruel lesson's she'd learned as a child. The early death of her space trash parent's. The harsh sacrifices she'd endured to get into-and through- the company's Interstellar Flight Academy. No one had ever cut her any slack. She had to scratch for every inch against treacherous classmate's, corrupt officer's, and a system designed to eliminate female's from command level. And the only way she survived was by being the toughest bitch on the flight deck.


*and for anyone wanting to know Riddick's thought's as he cut her hair in that 'hokey' scene*

Page 51:

Even Riddick was taken aback by Fry's confession. 'No wonder I like her' he reflected. 'The bitch has the making's of a mass murderer.' This time he would not be denied. Ignoring John's just inches away on the other side of the skull, Riddick moved - and struck. Deftly his blade snipped a lock of Fry's blonde hair. 'A souvenir of you, babe', Riddick thought melting back into the shadow's. 'That's all I want - for now'.

and.....page 93

Riddick was aware of John's watchful eye's but he had other thing's in mind. Like Fry. Riddick found her extremely attractive. Perhap's they'd find some time to explore thier chemistry, if they ever managed to get off the planet alive.


*Shazza's thought's on Riddick* pg 96-97

Shazza joined him at the edge of the shaft. They gazed down together at the distinctively human bones. "So that's what come of me Zeke? An you saw it, you was right there, you were tryin to kill him too." "Not necessarily," Riddick said calmly. "Just after his O2." He shrugged, goggled eye's meeting her's. "Though I noticed he tried to ghost my ass when he shot stranger- man instead."

shazza couldn't deny it. She looked down the shaft unable to meet his blank accusing stare. Hypocrites don't last in this business, Shazza reminded. She had done Riddick a grave wrong. Beat him bad while he was in chains. When Shazza looked up, she saw Riddick differently. Wiley, dangerous-but dead honest. She didn't believe he was a damn psycho killer. And she knew killers. Her Zeke had been one of the best.

Pitch Black book, page 178

Riddick fiddled with the flight controls before rolling the skiff to the runway. For some reason he took his time, unable to strap himself in and take off. He kept peering out through the rain-soaked darkness, as if expecting someone. He sat in the flight chair and checked the computer for the fourth time. All systems were primed for go. 'Get in the wind, asshole', Riddick urged, but he hesitated.
'What if they make it over the hill?' 'So what?' came his answer. 'First come, first saved.' But for the first time in decades a strange emotion knawed at his certainty. 'Every time you get noble, you get royaly fucked', Riddick reminded himself. Still, he couldn't pull the flight trigger.

small piece from Page 179
"I trusted you Riddick!" Fry pointed at him, voice barbed with contempt. "I trusted that some part of you wanted to rejoin the human race." His face remained impassive, mouth tight beneath the dark goggles.
"Truthfully" he said quietly. "I wouldn't know how."
Fry's hands dropped to her sides. She realized Riddick didn't play by anybody's rules. But she knew he had compassion. She had seen it out there. He could have left them stranded. But he led them to safety before he made his run.